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Heartstrings, In The Beginning God Created Fathers and Sons... Review by Donna Campos

Heumoore Productions

Heartstrings is a DVD of 54 minutes in length that offers adventure, comedy, and drama for families to enjoy together. The movie received the "Audience Choice" and "Best Young Filmmaker" awards at the 2007 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. Packaged in a hard plastic DVD case with full color back and a single DVD, the additional special DVD features include "The Making of Heartstrings," "Producers' Commentary," "Actors' Commentary," "Siblings 2: Bubble Trouble," "The Art of Newt Cutler," "Moreland Family Audition," "Promotional Teaser," and a "Favorite Moments Reel" to round off the additional viewing features. The "Siblings" series includes additional episodes with the Moore family at home, now this Heartstrings episode allows viewers to enjoy the family during a road trip. The Moore family includes a father, mother, four sons and one daughter who are found stranded at a bed and breakfast when their car breaks down. As they get to know the B&B owners, and particularly Jim Morton, the father, they stumble upon a treasure hunt that Jim Morton's oldest son is consumed with and the Moore boys decide to help. Gator, the youngest son in the Moore family, is an amateur detective with a natural curiosity that draws the entire family into the mysterious treasure hunt and into the lives of the Morton family. In the end, a beautiful Christian truth is revealed as the father and son relationship is strengthened for every man in the film. The additional features provide a total of four hours of viewing time with the movie and add a wonderful range of extra viewing for the whole family.

As a family with no prior experience with the Siblings series, the Moore family story line, or any movies by Heumoore Productions, Heartstrings fell into place during a visit between families. As the third addition to the Siblings series a lot of prayer and God's hand made sure the movie was completed. Hearing the various steps taken will inspire viewers and their families to step up and get it done when they feel called to complete a project of this magnitude. Other special features include a documentary about Newt Cutler from KTOO-TV, program #1007, which includes information about him as an artist from Juneau, Alaska. This documentary will provide enticing information for children with any interest in woodworking and is an excellent viewing for its educational value about creating artistic pieces from wood. Newt Cutler is the artist and designer of the pieces used in the Heartstrings movie. was a pleasant surprise that we enjoyed. The draw of a treasure hunt was great for us, as we have a son about the age of Gator in the story and completely understand the tremendous curiosity God has bestowed upon many boys around 6 to 10 years of age. The eventual conclusion of the film held our interest as the movie itself included great biblical truths, encouraging family moments, and a clear godly example of a well managed family and a guiding father. The extra features are an incredible part of the total package and should not be missed. The "Making of Heartstrings" and the Commentaries offers a fantastic glimpse into the very involved world of film making and our family found it an essential part of the full experience of the Heartstring film. I urge everyone to view all of the special features on this DVD, without doing so you will miss the story of how well

The movie "Siblings: Bubble Trouble!" is included on the Heartstrings DVD in its entirety and is an excellent film that lends great value to purchasing this DVD. Some families may not like the mischievousness revealed in the character, Gator, as he "borrows" a book from his brother's room, but the film portrays accurately the behavior of many boys between six and ten years old. There is fantastic humor beautifully blended into the movie families will enjoy tremendously. From being empty headed while playing video games to Gator telling his mom that a woman just wouldn't understand something and then immediately going to talk with his sister, the comedic value is excellent. The family values and consistent godliness portrayed by characters comfortably fitting into their biblical familial roles make Bubble Trouble! an excellent film even above the purchase value of Heartstrings alone. After viewing the Heartstrings movie, be sure to return to the menu page of the DVD and watch "Bubble Trouble!", you will not regret it. And every Dad will appreciate how Dad saves the day in the story, as it should be. The additional special features of the Moreland Family Audition and the Favorite Moments clips are amusing and will be enjoyed by many families. Taking time to note the absence of food on audition clips, the placement of temporary props, and the various changes taking place during the overall filming are excellent discussion topics for children interested in filming. The Heartstrings DVD will make an excellent Father's Day gift or blessing for any new father, as well as an ideal family Christmas present.

Heartstrings is an excellent film, particularly as a new production company, and the awards from the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival are certainly understandable and well earned. The family entertainment value is excellent as we enjoyed the storyline, and we enjoyed the flexibility available in this DVD as the movie is only just under an hour for families who prefer short movie nights, while the additional features provide more than enough extra viewing time that was enjoyable for those of us who prefer longer running times. The inclusion of "Bubble Trouble" make this DVD a sort of two for one deal that really should not be missed! For those searching for quality Christian viewing that will specifically encourage biblical family framework and large families with a confident, leading father, Heartstrings is an excellent find. Families will enjoy the bit of suspense mixed with God fearing characters and a heartfelt story with a deeper purpose of revealing God's place in the father and son relationship, as an enjoyable story unfolds. This is not a perfect family, it is a very real family, living daily for God and offering other families a humorous, yet honest, look at life. Our family found a blessing in the Heartstrings DVD and will look forward to additional films from the Heumoore Production team starring the Moore family. Family viewing is often at its best when presented by Christian home schooling families honoring the goal of supporting families with Godly education in every area of life and relationships. The Heartstrings DVD provides considerably more than a single film, the additional features make this a tremendous value and a DVD that will be greatly enjoyed.

Product Review by Donna Campos, Senior Product Reviewer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December, 2008