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Jesus - The Promised One Christmas Devotional Kit Review by Kate Kessler

Katherine A. Loop

This is a lovely little Christmas Devotional Kit! I knew once I saw this my children would really enjoy it. It comes complete with a nicely made soft-back twenty-four day devotional booklet, a 24 page comb-bound child's book (4 ¼ by 3 ½ inches), a set of stickers tied with a ribbon, and a lovely gold pen. The normal price for the devotional set (which includes everything mentioned) is $13.99. Additional children books are 3.00. Each additional book includes all stickers/objects necessary to complete the book as well as a gel pen.

The devotional pages correspond to the child's book and each day there is a sticker or coloring task to go with the child's book. The devotional is not just about Christmas, but starts at the foundation of our Christian walk; God's Word. For example on the starting day, December 1, the devotional states:

"We're going to search through the Bible for truths that uncover the incredible importance of Jesus' birth. We want to discover God's complete message to us so we'll understand what a precious treasure God gave us when He sent Jesus. The Bible will be our guide for discovering God's truths - His message to us. The Bible is God's Word. The Bible is eternal, which means the message it contains is just as important for us today as it was when it was written several thousand years ago."

From here we learn that God is the Creator and then move to God is perfect. It then shares the fall of man and our need for our Savior. It is a beautiful walk through the message of Christianity and our desperate need for Jesus! One of the aspects I most like is that the author does not make it simplistic or foolish just because it is for children! How refreshing in a devotional for little ones. It is understandable to young minds, engages them in the activity, and yet offers the meat of God's Word. How can you go wrong?

All of the Kits contents are sturdy and nicely made. I look forward to using it this December. You can check out their website to find out more information on ordering. Merry Christmas!

--Product Review by: Kate Kessler, Product Reviews Manager, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine