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The Mom Walk Review by Jennifer Barker

Sally Clarkson
Whole Heart Ministries
P.O. Box 3445
Monument, CO 80132

Motherhood is an extremely challenging ministry. Although many books have been written about this topic, sometimes it seems that there is nothing out there that will solve your own personal dilemma. It seems, at times, that there is no solution. Sally Clarkson addresses this problem in her book, The Mom Walk.

The Christian life is a journey and motherhood is no less. When it seems that there is no place to turn, our walk with Christ and His wisdom is sometimes all that is needed to provide a solution. The Mom Walk is centered on the PATH:

P: Walking with Purpose as a Mother
A: Walking with Assurance as a Mother
T: Walking with Trust as a Mother
H: Walking with Heart as a Mother

The "Purpose" as a mother is to seek to please God with all my heart, walk with integrity at home with my children, choosing the light (as in Jesus is the Light) for my family.

The "Assurance" as a mother is depending on God's Word every step of the way, praying to the Father for motherly wisdom, and walking to show light (Jesus' Light) to others.

The "Trust" as a mother is finding grace every day to walk with God, and living confidently as a new creation of Christ.

The "Heart" as a mother is letting the truth of God's Word fuel the fires of motivation and letting love fan the flames of motivation.

Each section explores the different aspects of our walk with Christ and how it impacts the lives of those we love the most: our children. Christ knows our children more than we do and we need to have an active relationship with Him so we will be able to hear His voice when He instructs us in this vital role.

We have influence on those around us and this book drives home this very important fact. We must never believe that our lives do not impact others. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to not only improve their relationship with their children, but also their relationship with the Lord.

Product Review by Jennifer Barker, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2008