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Art For All Seasons (Grades 1-4) Review by Tammy Walker

Joy Evans and Jo Ellen Moore
Evan-Moor Educational Publishers
18 Lower Ragsdale Drive
Monterey, CA 93940

How often have you been teaching and impulsively wanted to do something a little more fun than math and spelling? You search online for a fun project to spice up the afternoon. Teaching younger ones, I often have this impulse when I sense that doing something "out of the box" would bolster my children's morale--and mine. Evan-Moor has so many texts that help in this regard--instant creative products at your fingertips. Art For All Seasons is a great one to have on hand, especially if you don't have a natural bent toward arts and crafts. In this high-quality book, students will get to make very nice seasonal crafts worthy of saving. They will do origami, paintings, drawing, work with templates, and make some paper constructions. Most of the crafts can be easily created with supplies on hand--construction paper, scissors, a hole punch, stapler, tempura paint, yarn, crayons, pencils, fabric, ribbon and lace, paper towels, glue, etc. If a special holiday is coming up, or you want to celebrate the season, look within that portion of the text to get several fun project ideas.

For fall, you will have an opportunity to make twenty-eight crafts, including a construction paper tree, a sponge print tree, apple art, a scarecrow using an attractive reproducible, a cut-out jack-o-lantern, a black cat, a wacky witch, a silly skeleton, a harvest cornucopia, a pilgrim girl, a native American, and a turkey.

For winter, you will also find twenty-eight creative and fun ideas such as: a chain of ice skaters, a cross-legged snowman, a penguin playground, toboggan kids, a Santa bag, a reindeer card holder, a Christmas angel, fingerprint art cards, a Chinese New Year dragon, a heart basket, and a portrait of Abraham Lincoln.

Thirty-one crafts are found in the spring section including: a butterfly flyer, an April showers craft, a bird mobile, a chain of eggs card, watch my flower grow, a bunny headband, an Easter centerpiece, a May basket, and Mother's and Father's Day cards.

The eighteen crafts for summer include: creating a camping scene, a dragonfly, making a paper doll cut-out of children by the sea, a snorkel person, a child surfing, and a baseball themed craft.

Most instructions are very easy to understand and very creative, on high-quality glossy paper to demonstrate clearly what your completed craft should look like. When going to a Thanksgiving party recently where children were encouraged to bring related art, it was easy to find a craft my children could do easily and enjoy. They were very proud of their creations. This book will get much use in my home containing young elementary children

Product Review by Tammy Walker, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2008