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1-2-3 Draw Ocean Life / 1-2-3- Draw People Review by Nancy King

Freddie Levin
Peel Productions
Columbus, NC

These step-by-step drawing books are easy to follow and so much fun to use. The recommended age is 3-14, but I'm much older than that and have really enjoyed using it. Mrs. Levin gives you all the supplies you'll need at the front of the books to start drawing basic pictures. She also gives tips to parents on how to help their children learn to draw, "sketch lightly, draw a few shapes, and practice, practice, practice" are just a few of the tips mentioned in the front of the book.

The instructions are very detailed and precise. The exercises in the books are very basic and easy to do using shapes that are straight and some are rounded out, i.e. triangles with rounded edges, ovals, squares, and rectangles. I love oceans and marine life, so it was fun to learn to draw some of the fish and seashells that I have spent many years seeing on the beaches. In the Draw People book it was pretty amazing to see how basic shapes can turn out to be actual people in drawings. These are not the stick people that I've always drawn, the drawings look real and I'm very pleased with how they turned out. I love being able to take colored pencils and color the drawings in making them look even more life-like.

I have had the desire to learn to draw for many years, being the only child in my family who does not have a natural ability for it and these books give me the confidence to feel proud of what I can draw. The books have really helped to boost my sense of accomplishment and my daughter's as well. These books could very well inspire a young person to follow through on a dream of becoming an artist. I found nothing negative about this book at all and the cost is very reasonable too.  

Product Review by Nancy King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2008