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Learn to Draw / Draw Dinosaurs / Draw 3-D Review by Nancy King

Doug DuBosque
Peel Productions

This Draw Series of books are great for new artists and artists with some advanced drawing skills. All the books are very interesting and self-explanatory for most children over the age of 6.

Learn to Draw Now is a great book for older children, but I would think that younger children would have to have more guidance with it. For someone who can already draw, I think it's a good tool for teaching shapes, shadows, shading, volume, comparing sizes and dimension. These tools may also be a help in Math as well.

Draw Dinosaurs is one of those books that you open up and say, "WOW!" The way the author pays attention to details and has step by step instructions on how to draw dinosaurs is fabulous. I feel like the book is more than step-by-step actually; to me it's more like baby steps. In the front of the book, Mr. DuBosque gives a complete list of items needed to begin drawing, which also includes a few tips for being successful: a positive attitude, persistence and practice! Mr. DuBosque goes on to teach how to draw different types of dinosaurs and he even made up a few like, trianglesaurs, ovalsaurs, solidaurs and linosaurs. I thought that was very inventive and a nice way to grab someone's attention. I thought to myself, "that is so cute! Who would ever think of that?" I especially like the way the author pixels some images of dinosaurs just to show an outline for starting a drawing and the shape of it. In the back of the book are directives on how to draw in backgrounds to each picture and this really makes the pictures pop on the page. This is a very good book and I would highly recommend it for any age over 5 years.

Draw 3-D is a fun way to make all the elements you learn in the other books come to life. This book gives a list of supplies in the front of the book and some of those may be instruments you've never used before, such as a T-Square and Triangle. This book covers a variety of topics that I was surprised to see and be able to learn. Some of the topics are listed below:

The horizon
A bridge
A ramp
A 3-D checkerboard
Curved objects in 3-D
More Shadowing
3-point perspective
4 point perspective

A 3 point perspective teaches one how to add a top floor to a picture of a building and a 4 point perspective teaches how to add an angle or curve to make a building look like a different shape. I think this book would be a great book for someone interested in learning about Architecture, CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) or Drafting on paper. I really love this book as much as I do the others. I think any student of educational background could benefit greatly from this book. The cost is very affordable.

Product Review by Nancy King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2008