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OtterBox BlackBerry™ Curve Defender Series Review by Kate Kessler

1 Old Town Square, Suite 303
Fort Collins, Colorado, 80524

Do you use a BlackBerry™ to keep your life in order? Some of us find it a must in order to keep things straight. The constant concern though, is how to then keep our BlackBerry™ safe from dropping, scratching, or otherwise misuse in one's purse or pocket. That is where the OtterBox Defender Series comes into play. The OtterBox provides protection to the BlackBerry™ with its two-sided hard shell that fits into its own hard case. The case can be clipped onto one's belt or attached to any purse as the clip is sturdy and made to last. The BlackBerry™ then clicks in and you are ready to go.

Also included is a clear membrane for the BlackBerry™, as a thin layer of protection from scratches, but this is optional. If you use the membrane with the hard shell inside the hard case you have three layers of protection for your BlackBerry™. This is a lot more than the thin leather cases offer.

You might be concerned that you will not be able to use the trackball, take a picture, or recharge the unit with the hard shell on, but you can do all the normal things you would usually do with an unprotected BlackBerry™. It has not been necessary to remove the hard shell since it was put on our unit several months ago. Our OtterBox has taken several months of hard use on the belt of its owner and it still looks brand new.

The initial investment of $49.95 may seem like a lot at first, but because we don't have any desire to replace our BlackBerry™, we consider the investment a worthwhile one. The leather cases available other places for $20 less will provide so much less protection that to us the gamble isn't worth it.

OtterBox produces many different cases to fit the many varieties of BlackBerry™ units in use today as well as other types of personal data assistants (PDA). Their website has more detailed information. The unit comes with an outstanding unconditional lifetime warranty for the replacement of the case. We are impressed with the quality and the commitment from OtterBox.

Product review by Kate Kessler, Product Reviews Manager, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2009