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20-Minute PraiseMoves-DVD Review by Stephanie D. Scarborough

3 New Workouts to Fit Your Schedule
"The Christian Alternative to Yoga"
Laurette Willis
Harvest House Publishers

The 20-Minute Praisemoves isn't yoga with a few Bible verses thrown in. In fact, Mrs. Willis discusses the fact that the yoga moves are offerings to Hindu gods and a missionary arm of Hinduism. The time and attention to detail in this DVD is clearly matched by the harmony of the physical movements and the focus on Christ.

This DVD allows you to transform workouts into worship. The true foundation of our life is the Word of God and that fact is evident throughout this program. Moreover, as you work this program more of God's word is going into you via the various modalities: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.

There are three levels presented in the DVD so you can choose the level appropriate to your fitness level. Moreover, this program offers modifications for seniors and the physically impaired. Correct body alignment and deep diaphragmatic breathing is necessary at all levels so there are frequent reminders of this and other details.

Each of the postures has a name and a Bible verse to go with it. There is also a booklet that has the posture pictured with descriptions to make sure you are doing each one correctly thus you will be maximizing your strength and minimizing your chance of injury.

During the workouts scriptures are quoted and it is printed on the bottom of the screen. This allows God's word to be seen, heard, and spoken by you.

This PraiseMove DVD is rich with God's wisdom and helps to make our spirits and bodies strong. A wealth of information is found in the Walkin Wisdom Warm-Ups, the 20-minute PraiseMove workouts, and the PraiseMoves postures. So join me as we praise our Lord and Savior while we strengthen our walk and stand in His power.

Product Review by Stephanie D. Scarborough, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2008