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Algebra 1 - 3rd Edition Review by Nancy King

Teaching Tape
8672 Highway 11
Chelsea, AL 35043
(205) 678-9996

At Teaching Tape, the videos are designed to meet the need of the homeschool teacher, student and others as a resource that establishes a solid foundation in math. These DVD's must be used with the Saxon Text or an incomplete understanding of concepts will be the result. They are meant to complement the textbook. There are 16 DVD's included in this program which are approximately 2 hours long. The cost of the set with text, tests, and answer kits would cost $335, but if one already has the text and tests, the DVD's alone are $265 and can be purchased all at once, in sets of 8, or individually. The greatest benefit of the program is that whoever is buying it has ownership and can pass it along to other families in desired. 

I don't have a full understanding of Algebra but using these DVD's has given me a better idea of how easily that can be accomplished. The teacher is excellent, and I like the way she gives visual demonstrations as she clearly explains the concepts step by step. The teacher gives many helpful tips and that cuts the time to work a problem almost in half. I have used products from other publishers and none were more clearly demonstrated as this one is. I really felt comfortable listening to the teacher and her voice gave me more confidence in what I was doing in the concepts. These DVD's could bring great relief to many parents who do not display expertise in Math concepts. Once my daughter gets to this level of Algebra, we will be buying a textbook and using the DVD's for her studies. 

Product Review by Nancy King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November 2008