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All The Right Type Three Review by Nancy King

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Ingenuity Works
PMB # 1135 1685 H Street
Blaine WA 98230

All the Right Type Three is a CD-Rom that teaches basic typing skills to Elementary students. This program is built for Windows and Mac users. The cost is very low and the program is very effective. The program has built into it audio tutorials which are very helpful. There are many concepts included in this CD and I thoroughly enjoy using all of them.

Record Keeping - This allows parents/teachers to keep track of the students work, typing tests, writing practice, and even some scores on the games. Not only can parents or teachers keep track of their students' progress, they can also import/export their work directly into the program after it has been typed and saved into the correct format. The records section shows the words per minute in blue and the errors in red for easier assessment. The following areas are included in the record keeping section of the program:

Learning Lab - This gives a nice overview of how to use a computer which includes a posture review, a hand position review, a mouse review, and a keyboard review.

Skill Builder - The skill builder is evaluated by three main components: Isolated words, Sentences, and Paragraphs. Each section gives ample lessons for alpha and numeric typing practice from 1-10 Levels. Timed writings are in this section and there is a beep that sounds when the time is up. The timed writings start testing at 10 wpm.

Word Processing - This opens a blank notepad window to practice typing skills and can be saved and imported/exported into the Typing Program.

Testing Center - The testing center has two types of layouts. The text layout gives room for the person evaluating the work to give written hints or advice on each subject matter. The graphics layout is a checklist type graph that would be more for a daily chore sheet. I like both layouts and would more likely use the graphics for day to day lessons and the text layout for weekly/bi-weekly progress reports.

Each page in the program includes a Print button so that all the work can be easily printed at the end of the each lesson. This makes it so much easier to readily find and be able to print without having to go through each section of the program.

I enjoyed using this program and I love the fact that once it is installed on my computer I don't have to leave the disk in to use it later on. All the typing games are fun and give students the confidence to build their speed and use the program effortlessly. I have played all the typing games on the disk and later in the day found my husband playing on it too. He spent many hours typing away on those games. I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to teach their children how to type or someone needing to brush-up on their skills.

Product Review by Nancy King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November 2008