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The Musicademy Worship Vocals Course, Volume 1 Musicademy Review by Tina Rice

+44 (0) 1923 28 28 78
Oak Tree House, Berry Lane
Hertfordshire WD3 5EY UK

Musicademy Worship Vocals Course is an in home vocal training program. Designed for the beginning singer, it is also appropriate for intermediate students. Volume 1 contains instruction in warm up exercises, correct breathing, pitch, simple harmonies, keys, scales, counting, vibrato, vocal health, and more. It is intended to be a complete in-home beginner vocal course.

Students begin with exercises in breathing, projecting their voices, and harmonizing skills. The instructor speaks with a British accent, and her instructions are easy to follow. Actual instruction is interspersed with commentary from professionals.

To get the most from Worship Vocals you should plan on spending 15-30 minutes several times per week watching the DVD and practicing the prescribed exercises. This program was produced to be used in a home and without the help of outside teachers. It is a very affordable way for young and old to train their voice to sing in a group or solo.

My daughter watched the video and learned several good tips. In the end she decided to spend her money on a weekly voice lesson. She felt that she lacked the dedication to really practice with a DVD. I feel that this is a great program for a motivated student who is diligent in keeping up a consistent practice schedule. It would also be a great supplement for a student taking voice with an instructor.

Product Review by Tina Rice, Contributing Writer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July, 2008