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Daughter of the King, a Novella Review by Donna Campos

By Amanda H. Williams
Papa's Girl Publishing, LLC
3411 Hidden Lake Dr. E.
Jacksonville, FL 32216

A small softcover book of 220 pages, Daughter of the King is a novella about a young Christian woman who is a recent college graduate on the edge of life decisions. "Lexy" ultimately chooses a career path and falls in love, while seeking God's direction. The main character spent kindergarten through twelfth grade in a private Christian school. The story includes references to current Christian music, including the Casting Crowns song "Lifesong" and the group Avalon. The author uses fantastic idioms throughout her writing, such as "laughed like someone who was comfortable in her own skin," "shameless in their matching white and blue Nike attire," and "their home beckoned relaxation and honesty." Opportunities abound to use the book in language arts lessons to study idioms. Even Biblical idioms are included: "clothed with strength and dignity" and "faithful instruction is on her tongue." Bible quotations within the book are taken from the New International Version. The story is one of sweet innocence, and it includes references to morning quiet times, strong family values, and finding God's plan for one's life.

Opinions about the public school system are slipped in as Lexy faces struggles in her teaching career. Special needs students are presented positively and honestly as the main characters work with a variety of special needs children in a summer school setting. The book provides a humorous look at the usual awkward moments of young romance. There is even an instance of a young man asking a father for permission to date his daughter, an often forgotten sign of respect. Families who dislike the idea of daughters obtaining college degrees and working may not like this book, as it does present a young working woman. However, she consistently shows great respect toward her parents and those in authority.

Daughter of the King is a wonderful story of a young woman of faith finding her way in life with the guidance of her family and friends. Difficult life decisions are dealt with head on, along with the fears and concerns that arise as young women grow up and move away from home. Christian values are presented throughout, including the importance of purity in a romantic relationship. Lexy is an example teenage girls can emulate as they grow into beautiful, Godly women. I am thrilled to pass this book onto my teenage daughter, and it will make a great gift.

Product review by Donna Campos, Senior Product Reviewer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October 2008