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The Daily Reinforcers: Daily Science Check-Ups The Daily Reinforcers: Daily Social Studies Check-Ups Review by Cari Young

The Daily Reinforcers: Daily Science Check-Ups
Chet Melcher, Jeffrey Blaga, Mark Lucas, and Philip Skoglund
The Daily Reinforcers: Daily Social Studies Check-Ups
Jeff Blaga, Mark Lucas, and Philip Skoglund
GROW Publications
P. O. Box 1823
Racine, WI 53401

Each set in The Daily Reinforcers series includes a spiral-bound teacher’s manual and an accompanying student book of activity strips. It is designed as a classroom starter activity to review concepts already taught in student textbooks. Each manual and student book is specific to one grade in school. I reviewed Daily Science, Grade 3, which provided 108 activities. I also reviewed Daily Social Studies, Grade 2, which included 80 daily activities.
The teacher’s manual begins with a page about how to use the program, a scope and sequence, and teacher notes (including the answer key). The student “check-ups” book is a half-page bound volume of the daily activity strips. This program is designed to help a classroom full of students to get settled and focused, while reviewing concepts and skills at the same time. It incorporates graphic organizers and follows national standards for the given subject area.

This product is clearly intended for classroom use. It might be helpful in a homeschool coop, where a teacher needs to spend 5 minutes or so to get a large group of students ready to work. For most family homeschool situations, this would be considered a supplemental purchase, if extra workbook type activities were needed for the subject.

Product review by Cari Young, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September 2008