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BASIColoRIDE Workbook Series Review by Diane Wheeler

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"These books are a clever alternative to flashcards and drill sheets." -- The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

As you read the title of this review, you will see the word workbook. In order for me to explain this unique product, you need to promise me that you will wipe your mind clear of any preconceptions you have of a workbook, okay?

The books are compact (8" x 5"), not consumable, and do not require a pencil. Your student will answer the questions in each book by inserting a colored tab on an answer card. This makes the books reusable, allows for small motor development, and gives the child an easy way to check answers. If the colors match up, the answers are correct.

ColoRIDE Workbooks include the following subjects:

Pre-reading and language skills: Letters and Words, ABC Order, Word Families and Rhyming Words, Synonyms, Opposites, Homonyms, and more Early math skills: Colors, Shapes and Numbers, Addition to 10, Subtraction to 10 Math skills: Addition and Subtraction to 20, Counting to 100, Addition and Subtraction to 100, Multiplication MUSIColoRIDE: Basic Music Theory Skills

These books are a clever alternative to flashcards and drill sheets. I can see these books in the car on a long trip, as a quiet time activity, and as a fun way for children to help each other with skill building. To provide a "game-like, hands-on, easy-to-use, easy-to-check, step-by-step" learning opportunity for your kindergarten through third grade students, check out BASIColoRIDE Workbooks.

--Product Review by: Diane Wheeler, Senior Staff Writer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine