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Word Teasers World Culture & Geography Edition 1 Word Teasers Supersize Your Vocabulary College Prep Edition Review by Tina Rice

ELM Education Marketing, LLC.
Word Teasers
P.O. Box 1141
Manhattan Beach, CA 90267

Word Teasers World Culture and Vocabulary are two educational enrichment games designed for students 9 and up.  They are not curricula, but are rather enrichment to any vocabulary, SAT Preparation, or Geography program you currently use.
Each comes in a small box filled with game cards.  You do not need a game board, dice, timer, or other equipment to use Word Teasers.
The Vocabulary box contains 144 cards with a challenge on the front of the card and the word pronunciation, definition and part of speech on the back of the card.  As an example using the word idiosyncrasy, the front of the card asks, “Name an idiosyncrasy of each person in the room.”  The back give the pronunciation (using diacritical markings), word function (in this case it is a noun), and definition (you will have to look this one up yourself). 
Some other words in the set include vacillates, dilettante, plausible, mesmerize, and predicament.  A complete word list can be found at the Word Teasers website.   All cards follow the same structure.  The package also includes instructions for two different games with the Word Teaser cards and a link to more game instructions online.
This game was a complete hit with my family and even after we go through all 144 words, it will still be useful to do it again.  I added the words ‘take’ and ‘discard’ to the box so we can keep the cards in order.
World Culture and Geography Edition 1 is designed to help students and parents get acquainted with our global neighbors.  This set includes 150 cards about geography and culture.  There are 25 categories (including Summit Up; Water, Water Everywhere; A Stone’s Throw…; Food for Thought; Drink Up; Odds and Ends; For Richer or Poorer; Women of the World; Birds and Bees; and World Records.)
The object of World Culture and Geography is to correctly answer the questions and be the first to collect all 6 cards from one category.  We also used it like a game show and points were awarded to the person who correctly answered the question first.
Again, this game was a hit with the Rice Family and I can see getting hours of enjoyment from it. 
Word Teasers also has produced an Idioms Edition, which we did not get the chance to review but I suspect will be terrific.

Both games would be a good edition to a family game library.  I feel that they are moderately priced and have the ability to be played repeatedly without becoming boring or too easy.

Product review by Tina Rice, Contributing Writer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September 2008