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If God Is So Good, Why Do I Hurt So Bad? Review by Charlsie Swadley

By David Biebel
Fleming H. Revell
6030 East Fulton Road
Ada, Michigan 49301

If God Is So Good, Why Do I Hurt So Bad written by David Biebel is an incredible book for those suffering from the loss of someone they love. Biebel has first-hand experience with loss, having suffered the death of his son. He was tired of all the religious platitudes he received from friends and loved ones and wanted some real answers to his questions and hurts. In his book Biebel uses examples from his own life, stories from the Bible, and stories from others to make his points clear. The real-life stores he uses are so helpful; anyone who has suffered a loss can find at least one instance to relate to. This book helps to guide you through your pain and lets you know that what you are feeling is perfectly normal and that others have been in your shoes before.

This book would be a wonderful resource, not only for people suffering from a great loss but also for those who want to know how to help. This book would help them know what to say, what not to say, and when to be silent. The book is just full of wonderful wisdom that only a person who has already walked through a loss can truly share. One piece of wisdom the author shares is that grief is not straightforward. It comes and goes--sometimes at the most unexpected of times!

As a mother who has suffered the loss of a child, I found this book incredibly helpful. I really appreciated how Biebel used so many examples from his own life; it helped me relate to him. He let the reader know that it is ok to be sorrowful, but best of all he provided hope in helping you understand your own sorrow.

There are a few places in the book where Biebel stays on one subject for a little bit too long. There are not many of these sections, though.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has suffered a great loss or who knows someone else who has.

Product review by Charlsie Swadley, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2008