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Writing: The Bridge Between Us Review by Christine Field

Marcy McDonald
Popular Weasel Press
PO Box 247
South Hill, VA 23970
434-955-2478 or 866-268-1361 (toll free)

"Marcy McDonald is a freelance writer with a passion for sharing her writing craft with homeschoolers." -- The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

With a publisher named Popular Weasel Press, you expect something interesting and unusual. This book will not disappoint! Marcy McDonald is a freelance writer with a passion for sharing her writing craft with homeschoolers. She has written several other nonfiction works and homeschooled her own son for a time.

What is unique about this work is that it teaches the subject of composition from the perspective of a professional writer. It can be used for juniors and seniors in a traditional classroom, but was primarily aimed at homeschooled students. The course could be completed in a single semester, although a longer time is optimal. She suggests working with a group of students as well.

This is not a fluff course! It is rigorous with the expectation of great rewards for the student. The premise is that writing is a bridge between us. We reach out to each other through our words. The more proficient and expressive our written communication, the better we are able to communicate with others. Even the student who does not consider himself a writer will be encouraged to engage in the process by specific assignments as well as through the use of a journal.

The writing process is covered step-by-step. The student is instructed in how to build a bridge, that is, to organize their writing. They explore the reasons why to build a bridge, or the purpose, tone and attitude of their writing. Then they are shown how to clean up the construction site with some nitty gritty instruction on usage, wording, editing and presentation. Throughout the material, the student is encouraged to try their best and to uncover the writer lurking in each of us.

Product Review by: Christine Field, Resource Room Columnist, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine