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Welcome to Tablet Class Review by Nancy King

John Zimmerman--Teacher

Tablet Class is an online math class for middle and high school students. The courses are set up to be self-paced and are taught by John Zimmerman, otherwise referred to as Mr. Z. He is a certified Math Instructor and has extensive experience teaching in an online setting. He places special emphasis on a child's ability and not just the math curriculum.

Here is the sequence for each class:

Chapter Section
Lesson Video (Downloadable to most portable devices)
• Example Set A Video
• Example Set B Video (they will be offering more as available)
Chapter Review Notes

And here's an explanation of each section of the daily routine:

1. Lesson Video: The video includes illustrations to help students visualize concepts as well as a discussion of typical mistakes students make.
2. Section Preview: This preview provides a PDF of all problems covered in the Example Set videos for that section. The examples shown are problems most likely to be found on homework and tests. Ideally, this file should be printed so the student can work problems along with the videos. If there are problems they don't understand, then they can work through them on the printed copy.
3. Example Sets: The Example Set videos cover each problem found in the Section Preview.
4. Chapter Review Notes: These printable notes provide a summary of the main concepts covered in the chapter--a perfect study tool.

There are many advantages to this online math course.

In-depth instruction--You receive over 100 hours of quality instruction by an experienced math teacher.

24/7 access--Log on anytime! Get the instruction you need when you need it.

On-the-go study--You can go to any computer anywhere in the world and do the lessons. Download chapter lesson videos to your favorite portable device (i.e., iPod, PSP, Zune, etc.).

Course Navigator--Easy-to-follow navigation helps you find what you're looking for quickly.

My Pulse--This feature allows you to track your strengths and weaknesses to rate your level of understanding.

I really like this program and will sign up to use it again next year. At a cost of only $50 a year, the price cannot be beat!

Product review by Nancy King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November 2008