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P.E.G.S. - Practical Encouragement & Guidance System Review by Lisa Barthuly & Family

Family Tools, Inc.
POB 298
Circle Pines, MN 55014

P.E.G.S. stands for: Practical Encouragement & Guidance System, and has been a blessing is our family! We have struggled in the past with numerous different methods for scheduling and chores, not to mention encouraging a cheerful attitude while accomplishing these tasks. PEGS handles it all with this UNIQUE system! PEGS is a non consumable product. It is a wonderfully sturdy pegboard with wooden pegs, and magnets for hanging if you like (we used nails). It also includes a great PEGS handbook, that explains and gives ideas for implementing this system simply and successfully!

This system uses sturdy plastic 'discs' that fit over the wooden pegs, the personal job discs have black and white pictures that show the task. Children get to customize their set by coloring them with colored pencils--to make them their own! It also includes colorful disks that can make it even more customized for each individual family! We have used hand written charts, bought paper ones (that always end up ripped up and ruined), and printed them off from the computer; never again! Everything is in one place, and so simple to use!

My children thrive on the structure of a 'chore chart' (I don't like to call it that, PEGS is SO MUCH more, the CADILLAC of chore charts!) and it makes all of our days much smoother when we all have the same game plan to follow! It is very simple to implement, you can structure it around your family, your needs, and it can be as easy or detailed as you like!

I think what makes PEGS so unique is that it doesn't just focus on completing that days chores. PEGS focuses on outlining clear expectations, and reinforcing valuable character traits. Character development is KEY, and PEGS encourages children to 'get caught doing good'!

This system includes record keeping master forms, (for tracking progress that are so simple the children can maintain them) green discs for positive attitudes, behaviors, or communication (also includes white discs with a big red slash through them for negative behaviors). The more we encourage their helpfulness, cheerful attitudes, and giving spirit, the more they seek to do good!

We have our system set up so that with a certain number of green discs earned, they can go to the "pick a privilege" jar, and pick out something special they'd like (choosing a dessert, trading chores for a day with mom, picking the next game we play, etc.). When behavior is negative, or tasks are not completed they get to go to the "choose a chore" jar, and pick an extra chore to do. It encourages their best! My children love to earn those green discs, and take such pride in completing that which we've asked of them.

PEGS is fun and hands on for our children! Family Tools equips parents with the tools to make our job easier, and keep our families running smoother; all the while, encouraging and uplifting our children! Check them out at PEGS is very highly recommended from this homeschool family!

--Product Review by: Lisa Barthuly & Family, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine