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Generation to Generation Review by Coie Igarashi

Light the Fire
(800) 360-2808

This is the most beautiful treasure! Generation to Generation, from Light the Fire is a journal that is meant to be passed on throughout the generations, and will be a cherished by your family forever.

Of the many sections, some include: My Parents, My Childhood Celebrations, To Have and To Hold, The Blessings of Children, Treasured Travels, Family Traditions, and My Spiritual Beliefs. Each section has lines to fill out about the subject. They say something like, What I want you to know about my parents... Favorite memories with my family... My ambitions and goals in high school were...Description of proposal and acceptance...My most vivid memory of our wedding day...Your Full Name... My cherished moments of your youth...

It will take your children their whole life to fill out because that is what it covers- the life of a person. It starts with childhood memories and makes its way to their wedding day, to the birth of their children, to their family traditions, and so much more! There is even a place in the back for pictures. Mine is a pretty blue color with butterflies, but they also can be bonded leather or bonded leather with your child's name embossed.

I wish my grandparents had one of these so that I could read through it and learn more about them and what they went through in their childhood and adult life. History is always being made and the future generation always wants to learn about it through the person that experienced it. If someone just studied a subject in history and then wrote a book about it, they don't know how the people felt, and what went on in their minds while exciting things happened and it's boring! This way you can actually KNOW what it was like, what the people felt, how they overcame the hardships put before them, and their advice on relationship and financial matters. It's your own custom history book! I highly recommend it to all families!

--Product Review by: Coie Igarashi, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine