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World War II (1939-1945): The War That Changed The World Review by Amy Christy

Kim Kargbo
Soli Deo Gloria Resources
901-218-5243 (cell)

My son has always been fascinated by World War II and his great-grandfather's "soldier stories" from that time. For this reason, we were very interested in this unit study created by fellow homeschooling mom Kim Kargbo. Created for middle schoolers, grades 4-8, this eight-week study is an in-depth look at one of the saddest events in our world history. I believe it would be best suited for older children and could easily be used for high school students. This is due to the section on the Holocaust and its complexity, but you can certainly use your own discretion for your younger student.

Though a thin, comb-bound workbook, this study is a detailed guide to the Second World War. There is an extensive list of required and recommended resources to accompany this study. Some can be found through your local library or online, and others will need to be purchased separately. Some objectives of this study include: developing a biblical theology of war and defense; understanding issues that led to the war; and identifying the major players, key battles, and events.

This book contains a day-by-day study plan, beginning with the end of World War I and the rise of the Axis Powers. It continues with the start of World War II and the involvement of the U.S. and its allies. Other topics, such as weaponry, soldier life, key military figures, the role of working women, and rationing are also covered. The study includes the very moving topic of racism and the Holocaust, as well as the hiding of the Jews and those who helped. The study ends with victory in Europe and the Pacific.

There are charts on Ideology, Military Operations, and Casualty and Loss; timeline worksheets; mapping activities; and even a menu and recipe section. The recipes are all from historical sources, and though we weren't brave enough to try them all, we did bake and enjoy the "War Cake." The study on food rationing was also very enlightening. We printed the "ration tickets," and for one day, my son had to exchange one ticket for an item of food or activity that he wanted to participate in. It was a very interesting experience! There are other hands-on activities, such as staging an air raid drill in the home and sending a care package for a soldier overseas.

This unit study contains numerous writing exercises that are to be kept in a notebook as "articles" on various aspects of the war. These are to be added to the final project, which is a "newspaper" prepared by the student and arranged in chronological order. It's a wonderful keepsake that can be made as simple or as detailed as the student's level and preference dictate. Overall, this is a great tool for studying the Second World War.

Product review by: Amy Christy, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2008