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Learn-to-Dress Emma / Jake Review by Tammy Walker

International Playthings
75D Lackawanna Avenue
Parsippany, NJ 07054

Learn-to-Dress Emma and Learn-to-Dress Jake (each sold separately) are plush dolls just under 15" tall. Emma is a squeezable blonde doll with two ponytails. She holds a small bear and a denim purse and wears a bright fuchsia dress with small red stars. Small children have ten options for dressing and undressing Emma to help with their motor skills. Emma's dress can be unfastened, unsnapped, and completely removed. Her shoes can be unbuckled, untied, and also removed. Her purse can be unbuttoned and rebuttoned. Nearly everything on Emma can be taken off and then put back on.

Similarly, Jake's clothing and accessories offer ten options for removal and redressing. Jake is a handsome little doll with dark brown hair. He wears a bright blue baseball cap with a green rim. He sports a multi-color vest, a blue and white striped undershirt, and a pair of denim shorts with a red and green patch on either knee. He wears a removable watch and holds a green, blue, and red skateboard, both fastened by Velcro. A small child can unzip his vest, unbuckle and untie his shoes, unsnap his hat, and remove all clothing except his undershirt and underwear.

These toys are designed for children who are at least 12 months old. They are high-quality, stuffed dolls with various textured clothing and materials. They retail for $24.99 on the International Playthings website.

My girls have always clothed and unclothed all of their stuffed animals and dolls, even those not meant to be undressed (then I have to help them redress them!). Most children naturally find enjoyment in this type of activity, and girls, especially, love playing "mommy" to their pretend babies. I have found that my girls prefer plush dolls rather than the typical plastic-style baby doll, so they would find these dolls appealing. I plan to give a Learn-to-Dress Emma and Learn-to-Dress Jake to my little niece when she turns one. I am certain she will enjoy them.

Product review by: Tammy Walker, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2008