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StrengthsQuest (book with access code) Review by Cari Young

Donald O. Clifton, Ph.D., Edward "Chip" Anderson, Ph.D., and Laurie A. Schreiner, Ph.D.
Gallup Press
1251 Avenue of the Americas, 23rd Floor
New York, NY 10020

StrengthsQuest is a 300-page book that includes an access code for one student to take an online assessment. Additional access codes must be purchased in order for additional students to take the assessment. StrengthsQuest is designed to help college-aged students discover their top five themes of talent for college and career planning. After the student spends 30 minutes or so taking the online quiz, the book explains the quiz results in detail, together with recommended courses of action.

After many years of studying top achievers, Gallup identified the 34 most common "themes of talent." The authors assert that we are more able to fulfill our potential and become top achievers ourselves when we apply knowledge and skills to build on our innate talents.

The book describes and affirms each of the 34 themes with descriptions and examples. Strategies for developing strengths are provided, including such areas as academic life, study techniques, relationships, class selection and extracurricular activities. StrengthsQuest also shows you, the reader, how to plan your career based on your strengths.

I took the assessment myself and found it to be an accurate reflection of who I am, based on what I've learned about myself in over 40 years of living. Of course, the book will be most beneficial to students finishing high school and entering college. They can save time, money, and energy by pursuing a career and course of study that builds on their strengths. Students younger than high school seniors may still be changing too much and may not have enough self-awareness to get the maximum benefit from the assessment and book.

NOTE: Do not purchase this book in used condition. The access code for the online assessment will not be valid if it has been used by the previous owner.

Product review by: Cari Young, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2008