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Teaching Through Art Review by Debra Cogburn

Sharon Jeffus
visual manna
P.O. Box 553
Salem, Missouri 65560

These are wonderful ways for your art-loving student to learn everything from science to history. Each comb-bound book uses art to cover each subject. Subjects include: English, Science, History, American History, and Geography.

My son loves art and he is learning about the continents and the countries in them using Teaching Geography Through Art. We are making a notebook of his activities and drawings, and taking pictures of his projects to include in the notebook. For the study of China, he has drawn a pagoda, done Chinese paper cutting, and made an oriental scroll. Other titles in this series are:

Teaching English Through Art - covers describing words, vocabulary, sentence structure, paragraphs, story elements, technical writing, poetry, using reference materials, personification, and more.

Teaching History Through Art - covers cave art, fossils, Raphael, Greek vase painting, Roman Coliseum, shields, Renaissance art, American artists, pioneer crafts, and more! A wonderful timeline from Creation through A.D. 1600 is also included.

Teaching American History Through Art - covers Revolutionary War through WWII with great art ideas, such as American symbols, quill pens, Johnny Appleseed, Sitting Bull, Robert Fulton, paper quilling, Civil War, beginning of cities, Teddy bear, George Washington Carver, Mount Rushmore, and much more. Timeline also included.

Each book uses many activities to cover the subject thoroughly. These books make learning fun!

-- Product Review by: Debra Cogburn, Lead Product Reviewer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC