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Financial Peace for the Next Generation Review by Kim Wolf

Dave Ramsey
The Lampo Group, Inc.

OK, here are the questions we had: how in the world do we train our daughters not to make the same financial mistakes that we, and so many others, made when we became adults? In addition, since we didn't start advising them as children and now they are teens racing toward their adult years - what are we going to do? Calgon, take me away!

These were just a few of the questions that my husband and I were asking ourselves when we discovered Dave Ramsey and his new high school-level financial curriculum, Financial Peace for the Next Generation. I cannot even begin to tell you what a load this has taken off our shoulders.

Everything you could ever want is in this curriculum kit. To begin with, you get a copy of Dave's bestseller, Financial Peace Revisited, revised and up-dated with new chapters on marriage, singles, kids, and families. Next, you will find the FPFTNG workbook. This is written in a very friendly (without being condescending) way and is divided up into four units, three chapters each, that cover everything from Saving, Investing and Retirement; Debt, Planning and Relating with Money; Insurance, Consumer Buying Habits and Bargains; and Real Estate, Careers and Credit Information; along with an extensive glossary and practice forms.

Sound like something you wish you had had in high school? You bet it does!

This workbook is fabulous. It has all sorts of different learning styles, everything from fill-in-the-blank, puzzles, word-finders, etc. Your student (or YOU) can use the workbook to follow right along with the videos.

Oh, didn't I mention the videos? The curriculum also includes eight of the best of Dave's live seminars. I could tell you how entertaining they are but, better yet, let me just tell you that my 16-year-old daughter is glued to the TV while watching Dave's videos! Now remember - these are financial seminar videos and this is a 16-year-old girl watching them! Nothing short of a miracle in our house!

Now, from a parent/teacher's point of view, the most enjoyable part of the curriculum is the two disc set teacher's guide. WOW! Who could ask for more? The first disc is the teacher's guide on CD-ROM. This includes: chapter lesson plans with insights and web-links, chapter quizzes and keys, unit test and final exam with keys, object lessons and activities, word puzzles, printable overheads, review keys for student workbook, and special Power Point presentations for each chapter. Disc two contains "Reality Bites" on CD. These are assigned at various times throughout the curriculum. Reality Bites are tracks from the Dave Ramsey Show featuring 20-something callers asking financial questions and Dave giving an entertaining response. Each one of these has some relevance to the topic that the student is studying that day.

I highly recommend Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace for the Next Generation. Not ONLY for the next generation, but for ours as well. This curriculum would be excellent for an adult Sunday school class or home growth group as well.

Student or adult, this is time well spent.

-- Product Review by: Kim Wolf, Staff Writer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine