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101 Fitness Games for Kids at Camp Review by Maggi Beardsley

By Ted Vickey
Healthy Learning
PO Box 1828
Monterey, CA 93942

101 Fitness Games for Kids at Camp is a 100-page paperback book filled with game ideas to play with groups of children. The games can be played at a camp (as the title suggests), or in a co-op, or just in a neighborhood with lots of children. Six chapters divide the games into categories: team-building games, skill development games, icebreaker games, competitive games, strength/agility games, and cardiovascular games.

Many familiar school games are included, like freeze tag and kick the can. There are also a few unique games--like "Uno Fitness," which involves playing the card game and also incorporates physical activity. Mr. Vickey includes simple instructions of no more than five steps for each activity. He also lists the number of players needed, the playing area required, and the equipment that is needed for the games. Many of the games can be adapted to indoor play in a gymnasium or very large room. Most of the games included in the book are for more than 4 players. Therefore, this book would be useful for families with more than four children or for co-ops.

When I read 101 Fitness Games for Kids at Camp, it brought back many childhood memories. I wanted to round up a few neighborhood children and start playing! I liked that each activity had instructions. I didn't have to recall the rules for the "Dead Ant" game, for example.

101 was a good number of activities for this book. There was enough variety, but it wasn't overwhelming. The only downside was that we needed more children than were in our house to play the games.

101 Fitness Games for Kids at Camp inspires you to get out of the house, round up a few friends, and exercise.

Product review by: Maggi Beardsley, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2008