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Reaching the Heart of Your Child Review by Melanie Bunnett

Ginger Plowman
Preparing the Way Ministries
518 Camelot Way
Opelika, AL 36801

Because I was raised in a non-Christian home, I am somewhat lacking in the fundamentals (but not the desire) to parent my children in a biblical manner. As my children grow and mature, my shortcomings are becoming more and more evident, as is my need for mentoring in the area of biblical parenting. Unfortunately, there are more Christian families with a need for mentoring than there are parents with the ability to mentor. This is where resources such as Ginger Plowman's CD series become important.

This set of three CDs is based on the Mrs. Plowman's book entitled Don't Make Me Count to Three! The CDs were recorded as Mrs. Plowman was speaking to a live conference audience, and the interaction between Mrs. Plowman and her audience only enhances the enjoyment of listening to these CDs. She is a warm and engaging speaker and makes her subject truly enjoyable to listen to.

The first CD covers the topic "How to Reach the Heart of Your Child." In this session she covers God's plan for disciplining your children, the importance of reaching not only your child's behavior but also their heart, and the importance of replacing the wrong behavior with behaviors that will please God. She is able to teach this subject in a way that will both convict and instruct a parent without being intimidating or overbearing.

The second CD covers the topic "Taming the Tongue: How to Give a Biblical Reproof." Mrs. Plowman teaches us how to reprove our children in the context of day-to-day life, what our responsibilities as parents are, the biblical guidelines we as parents should be following in reproving our children, and the importance of examining our own hearts before attempting to guide our children's. Mrs. Plowman is able to deal with these weighty subjects in a way that is lighthearted but serious at the same time. She never strays far from the Scriptures she is teaching from and gives many Scripture texts to back up what she is teaching.

The third and final CD in the series covers the topic "The Bottom Line: The Biblical Use of the Rod." She defines "rod," contrasts biblical parenting and worldly parenting methods, and enlightens on the appropriate and inappropriate uses for the rod. Unfortunately, this is another area that our modern churches have, for the most part, neglected to teach parents about. While God repeatedly calls us to use the rod to chasten and direct our children's hearts back to Him, most parents have no idea how this should be accomplished.

I sincerely appreciate Mrs. Plowman's attempts to mentor parents. I have enjoyed these CDs so much, and have gained so much from listening to them that I have purchased several of her other materials as a follow-up and reinforcement. I have no doubt that I will listen to these again and again, and that I will share them with others to encourage them to examine their parenting methods and motives as well. This is definitely a worthwhile investment for any homeschool family that wishes to conform their lives to God's word.

Product review by: Melanie Bunnett, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2008