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Imagination Station, digital version Review by Cari Young

Mark Kistler
Digitally published by The M.A.E. Group
400 Lark Drive
Newark, DE 19713

The digital version of Mark Kistler's Imagination Station is a CD which contains the 264-page digital E-Book version of Imagination Station in PDF format. Like the hard copy, this E-Book includes 36 3-D drawing adventures, each several pages long, with imaginative creations like dinosaurs in the sky and the magnificent moon base. To use this E-Book, you would print it out, then complete the lessons on your printed pages.

We used and loved Mark Kistler's Draw Squad when my son was 10 and 11. Why was it such a hit? I appreciated the clear instructions that my son could follow on his own and the fun, almost silly drawing projects that made my son look forward to the art portion of our school day. Imagination Station, like Draw Squad, is full of entertaining lessons that will help your student gain confidence in his ability to draw. This volume will teach your child the Twelve Renaissance Words of three-dimensional drawing with humorous line-by-line instructions. Your student will learn about techniques such as perspective and shading from a talented, positive instructor who provides words of encouragement at every turn.

As I see it, the main advantage of the digital version would be the ability to print pages over and over again, either for other children in your family or for one child who likes to draw the same thing several times. Of course, you will have the additional cost of printer paper and ink. These art lessons could either be included as part of your school day or enjoyed as a hobby by your students who just love to draw. Mark Kistler's slightly zany lessons have been a delightful part of our homeschool experience, and I recommend that you consider inviting him into your home!

Product review by: Cari Young, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2008.