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The Girlhood Home Companion Review by Cindy West

Robert and Jill Novak, Publishers
Remembrance Press
26306 N. Fairfield Rd.
Lake Zurich, IL 60047

Picture if you will a lovely little table set with an old-fashioned white lace tablecloth, fine china teacups, a plateful of homemade cookies and a vase of pretty flowers from the garden. Place this table near the porch swing of a wide porch on a summer day with the breeze blowing gently. Now, you and your daughter are either sitting together on the porch swing or in fancy little chairs around the set table. While you're at it, go ahead and invite your mother or grandmother to sit with you. Do you have a lovely picture in your head? A peaceful, loving and girly picture? That's what this magazine is all about.

From every photograph and illustration, to the articles, poems and recipes, The Girlhood Home Companion magazine is laced with sweetness, gentleness and old-fashioned goodness. Even the font and colors used draw you into a sort of Victorian ladylike frame of mind.

What's the real purpose of the magazine? The publisher, Jill Novak, describes its purpose very eloquently: "We are joint partners with your daughter, helping her to participate in all that is feminine and lovely as she grows in the Lord, and a companion in labor, helping her cultivate godly character qualities, thus furthering the cause of Christ." In the olden days, a young lady would be hired to spend time with an older relative or close acquaintance. In doing so, the young lady would not only be a helper to the older person, but would learn much about life as a woman and such things as running a household. (Is 1st Timothy coming to mind?)

And so, The Girlhood Home Companion seeks to be somewhat of that older lady giving her advice, encouragement and telling character building stories in a gentle way. Mothers (and grandmothers) are encouraged to read the magazine with their daughters as the articles will open many doors for wonderful discussions and even projects you can do together. Although you may read the magazine with any aged daughter, the suggested age range is ten to eighteen.

Each issue focuses on a particular character trait with articles, poems, and Bible verses that teach toward the trait. In the issue I had the pleasure of reviewing, the main topic was "becoming a faith-filled daughter." Various authors, some current and some from the past, contributed memoires, stories, poetry, tutorials and other words of wisdom on the idea of letting faith encompass a daughter's life. Besides the writings, you will also find in each issue recipes, crafts, art inspiration, nature inspiration, handiwork ideas and/or homekeeping lessons.

My eleven year old daughter and I have enjoyed snuggling together on the couch while reading through many of the articles. She has even taken the time to read some of the magazine on her own. I haven't quite made it to the porch swing with the tea and cookies while reading, but that hasn't mattered. The point is to enjoy some precious time with your daughter teaching her little bits here and there about becoming a woman. You won't regret the time spent with your daughter reading the uplifting words or completing the sweet projects.

Product review by: Cindy West, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2008.