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Soccer! / Golf! / Basketball! / Walk, Run & Play! (DVDs) Review by Dr. Anne Margaret Wright

By Karen Foster
Athletic Baby

Sometimes it's hard to get our kids active in today's sedentary world! Athletic Baby DVDs are designed to help motivate babies and young children to get up, move, play, have fun, and explore their world. Each DVD I reviewed is about 30 minutes long and shows all kinds of kids playing in all kinds of ways. There are babies playing with golf balls, toddlers chasing balls, kids playing on swing sets or throwing basketballs, etc. It's always fun to watch someone enjoying himself, but when that someone is a cute little baby or toddler, it's downright contagious. The kids are obviously having lots of fun as they explore their world and learn what their little bodies can do. Each video focuses on a different type of activity. The slower-paced Golf DVD shows kids playing with golf balls and clubs, while the Walk, Run & Play DVD moves at a faster pace with a wide variety of play activities.

These videos are fun and engaging, especially for babies and toddlers (although my preschoolers really enjoyed them too). The kids are adorable, and the music is upbeat with encouraging messages. Perhaps my favorite part in any of the movies is a sweet little guy with Down syndrome who has a great time playing with an umbrella! He is enjoying himself so much that his smile just bursts from his face. As the adoptive family of three beautiful children with Down syndrome, we were so touched by this sweet scene. Kids with Down syndrome often tend to be couch potatoes (mine included), and they seem to get left out of most kids' videos, which is such a loss. My five-year-old, who would rather go off by himself and play in the kitchen, comes running when I turn on the video. He especially loves the songs and will get up and dance with the music, making sure that we all see his beautiful dancing! That's a ringing endorsement in my book! So whether your babies love to move or think recess is torture, I think they will enjoy the Athletic Baby series as much as my little guys have!

Product review by: Dr. Anne Margaret Wright, Senior Product Reviewer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2008.