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The Plastic Surgeon Review by Kate Kessler

I know what you must be thinking, but this product has nothing to do with altering one's body! This is one of the handiest tools I have seen in a long time. As someone who has dulled many a kitchen knife by opening a great many products, this little tool was exciting to receive. You know those frustrating plastic clamshell boxes that all your children's toys come in? You know, the ones that are exceedingly frustrating on Christmas morning? The Plastic Surgeon opens them up almost instantly with its sharp little tool that digs into the plastic in a safe but efficient manner.

With its "auto-close" cover the blade never opens by accident. You retract the cover with your thumb (no where near the blade) and hold onto the handle and insert it carefully into the plastic and move along to create the opening. The product is ergonomically designed to keep one's fingers away from the blade. The product is made with a "surgical grade stainless steel blade that never needs sharpening." The handle is made of sturdy plastic that does not bend and the blade is securely placed inside the head. This is not a cheaply made product. I was surprised by the affordability of the Surgeon at only $8.95 as of August, 2008. Not only does it open clamshell cases it also does a great job on CDs and DVDs, plastic safety seals, foil on bottles, blister packs, and shipping boxes and envelopes.

This would be a fun stocking stuffer for dads as they will be the ones that end up opening the difficult toy clamshells! There are few tools I would say are really worth the money - this one is.

Product review by: Kate Kessler, Product Reviews Manager, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August, 2008.