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Continental Press Review by The Old Schoolhouse

Continental Press is a company homeschool families can turn to for outstanding products. I personally am very excited about their various workbooks, and although you would not exclusively utilize workbooks in a home school, they are ideal for supplementation and vacations. What we looked at were four different workbooks, which came as a set. Normally, we desire that companies send us a rich sampling of what they offer so we are able to get a good "feel" of the company, but we were satisfied with the one set, and feel that it was excellent. If it is a representation of the rest of the Continental Press line, then we can highly recommend them!

What we received in the set, which is available for under $40, were four workbooks: Reading for Comprehension, Mathematics, Wide World of Words, and Map Skills. My very favorite was the Map Skills. My son enjoyed it immensely since it was so nicely presented. He was able to zip right through the whole workbook in no time, and enjoyed his newfound mapping skills (he loves navigation!), happily rambling off freshly discovered facts to my husband and I. My next favorite was the Reading for Comprehension. This reminded me of the SRA cards we all did in school - remember those? I LOVE SRA! This Reading for Comprehension workbook is nice because it's very cross curricular, which is an added perk homeschoolers love. You get a good mix of science and more sprinkled in with the reading skills - even writing practice. I really liked it. Mathematics was as good as any other workbook we've found, and Wide World of Words is a GREAT vocabulary workbook. The workbooks contain nice thick writing and are easy on the eyes, simple to understand and self teach, and best of all, come with answer keys (teacher's guides). I would say this set would be a phenomenal summer program for your homeschoolers. Also super for "busy work" time and supplementing other subjects. A+ to Continental Press and their line of workbooks.

-- Product Review by: Publishers, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine