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The Crucifixion Week Review by Jennifer Barker

By Dr. Regan Barr
The Lukeion Project
448 Texanna Way
Holly Springs, NC 27540

If you are at all like me, you may have wondered what occurred during the week that Jesus died (over and above what the Bible tells us). "The Crucifixion Week" is an online class taught by Dr. Regan Barr. He holds an M. Div. in the N.T., an M.A. in Classical Archaeology, and has excavation experience in the following places:

Jordan: Abila of the Decapolis
Greece: Midea (in the Argolid)
Turkey: Troy (site of the Trojan horse)

"The Crucifixion Week" is a live online course that is divided into four classes. Class One is "Setting the Stage," and it gives the historical background to the crucifixion. Class Two covers days Friday to Monday and discusses Jesus' arrival in Bethany, His triumphant entry, and the cleansing of the Temple. Class Three covers Tuesday to Thursday. Tuesday is when the Pharisees go through four rounds of questioning and Jesus responds to their questioning. There is no record, that we know of, of Wednesday's events. Thursday is the Passover. Class Four is called "The Cross and Beyond," and it covers Friday to Sunday. Friday is the crucifixion, Saturday is when the Pharisees order the tomb to be sealed, and Sunday is the resurrection.

During the sessions there is a side-bar with the list of days in the week and a small arrow pointing to the day that is currently being discussed. Also included are virtual tours of some of the ancient sites, some vibrant artwork, and other online activities to enhance your learning experience.

This course is primarily for ages ten years and older. No matter what your style of teaching, this will fit into your homeschool. It is not an expensive class. I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to appreciate and understand more of what took place during Jesus' final days. The instructor makes it interesting, and he is also willing to help and answer any questions.

Product review by Jennifer Barker, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May 2008