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Mr. Quizmee Asks About ... CDs Review by Cindy West

Mr. Quizmee Asks About
Quizzenkids Productions
PO Box 27176
San Diego, CA 92128

What if I told you that I've found something fun and educational to use as you drive from one activity to another? What if I also told you that it requires no effort on your part? Would you believe me? Well I have! Mr. Quizmee CD's are one of the most unique products I've had the chance to review, and we have loved them!

With a cast of interesting characters, great sound effects, and original songs, the Mr. Quizmee CDs teach a wealth of information on various subjects. The unique part is that these audio CDs are interactive. As stories are being told or characters are talking, the listener is encouraged to call out answers before the answer is given on the CD. My children loved this aspect! They never had a clue listening skills were being reinforced. Shhh.

Each CD focuses on one main theme but breaks the theme down into sections. "Mr. Quizmee Asks About Our Watery World" is broken down into sections on sailors and boats, sea mammals, water and where it's found, and fish and other sea creatures. "Mr. Quizmee Asks About Animals" is broken down into sections on birds, reptiles and amphibians, insects and arachnids, and mammals.

Each section begins with an original song that's lively and full of information. Words for the songs are included on the CD insert. Following the song will be a great variety of learning--characters talking to one another and subtly delivering information, little stories being told, beat-the-clock quiz sessions and more. In a very positive and upbeat manner, the CD asks the listener to try to answer a bit of trivia on the topic. The sound effects and voice changes seem to grab the listener's attention.

Hetty the Historian, Pirate Pete, and Professor Mappit are a few of the characters who take the children on a tour of "Our Watery World," while Grandma Grammar, Geck the Gecko, and Dr. Discovery are some of the "Animal" guides. The characters are well developed and really encourage children to create mental pictures as they're listening to the CDs.

Science, history, geography, language arts, and math topics are all covered in the information and quiz questions. The company touts that the CDs not only encourage listening skills and teach new information but can also be used to train for quick response if your child is on an academic bowl team.

So much interesting information is covered that it doesn't get old listening to the CDs more than once. In fact, Mr. Quizmee suggests that you can liven up the CD by setting your player to "shuffle" mode.

Our family thoroughly enjoyed these CDs! Even some of us older folks learned a thing or two.

Product review by Cindy West, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May 2008