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Christian Light Education Review by Jenefer Igarashi

(800) 776-0478

"I absolutely love it!" -- The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

If your family is looking for a curriculum program that has the best of everything, you will want to seriously consider Christian Light Education. What stands out most with the Christian Light Education program is how entirely God-centered it is for every subject - even math. For example, in the very first math lesson (in the first grade program), the number "one" is introduced. At the end of the lesson, the student is to fill in the newly learned number one in the following sentences, which reads: I have_(1)_ nose, I have _(1)_ head, I have _(1)_mouth, I have _(1)_God. I cannot express how thoroughly impressed I am with Christian Light Education, and how much both I, and my son, Bo, have loved going through this program. I believe I will have him continue through the Christian Light Education program for the elementary grades, middle grades, and probably even high school. I absolutely love it!

Each subject is a delight to go through, easy-to-use, and is very student friendly with fun stories and catchy rhymes to help with fact memorization. Another highlight of CLE is the incredible affordability of the program. The full first grade program-Bible, Language, Math, and Reading (including Teacher's materials)- is less than $235!

For a truly Christ-centered, easy-to-use, academically right on track, wholesome, complete, and affordable curriculum program, Christian Light Education cannot be beat.

Their staff is very friendly and helpful. You can call for more information or order their catalog (the little girl on the front cover of their catalog is so cute that you will want to order her too!) at (800) 776-0478. Unfortunately, I imagine the little girl is not for sale.

-- Product Review by: Jenefer Igarashi, Senior Editor, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

Reading to Learn Series
Helping Hands / Happy Hearts,
Second Grade Reading Program:

If you are searching for a truly God-centered reading program with high academic standards, and with prices that simply cannot be beat, then look no further. We at TOS have been absolutely delighted and won over with the CLE Reading Program. The second grade program, Helping Hands / Happy Hearts, has everything that I had been searching for in a reading program, plus more.

The program set comes with the most charming hardcover books, which are absolutely beautiful, and perfectly sized for smaller hands. The Readers comes with a series of workbooks that are academically right on track, and most importantly, arranged in a way that honors God first, focusing all learning skills alongside godly issues, morals, and high character training. These readers have everything I was looking for in a second grade program. Phonics, vocabulary, dictionary work, synonyms, antonyms, paragraphs, logic, classifying, poetry, comprehension - everything was covered that needed to be. But what really struck me the most was the strong, wholesome, and virtuous literature that was featured. The stories have a cozy, safe feel about them that my student took to instantly. And the illustrations are wonderfully simple and complement the literature nicely. We have both loved going through this program.

The Teacher's guide suited me perfectly. It was not overdone or over-explained, nor does it call for additional resources. It was complete, easy to understand, and not at all patronizing - in short, it did not make a big production about itself. It simply presented the material in a way that was refreshing, straight to the point, and not at all intimidating. I cannot stress how pleased I have been with this program, and I look forward to seeing - and using - more of the great resources offered by Christian Light Education, a truly dedicated company that is a great asset to Christian homeschooling families. Nicely done CLE! Be sure to contact them at (800) 776-0478 or e-mail them at

--Product Review by: Jenefer Igarashi, Senior Editor, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

Publisher's Note: We took a look at several of CLE's readers. Never have we seen such pretty textbooks. Beautiful, inviting, shiny and they sparked our children's interest. Our youngest son carried his around and instantly showed us his newly memorized Scripture verse on the front cover. He was so proud of his accomplishment! CLE is on to something!