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Alpha Omega Review by The Old Schoolhouse

"Alpha Omega is a homeschool mama's dream."
-- The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

We are so enjoying Alpha Omega. This is a company offering a myriad of treasures. They make available a great variety of products, and we are going to talk about a couple divisions of their company here, in the following reviews below. You will want to visit their website ( or call them (1-800-622-3070) for a catalog to get their whole scope and sequence to learn more. First, the LifePacs - My sons were excited to see these, and for good reason! If you are a family who loves workbooks (like me), you'll need to check into AOP's LifePacs. They are NON-intimidating, like thick textbooks can sometimes be. Sorted by grade level, a typical LifePac will include five colorful and inviting workbooks for your child: Bible, Language Arts, Math, History & Geography, and Science - with a non-denominational (Christian) approach. I personally love this approach as a supplement. My second grade son vigorously attacked the Math workbook and, although challenging, I was pleased at how quickly he seemed to grasp the concepts. Not only that, but I have reviewed many math workbooks, and this one seemed to cover concepts that the others did not. I love that their workbooks are quality, not "flimsy." In fact, their colorful, shiny covers draw you right in. Their Bible LifePacs, in particular, are very practical, and I recommend using them daily with your child. Take note of the following reviews.