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Setting A Paradigm for Purity DVD Review by Jacque Dixon

Julie Hiramine
Generations of Virtue
PO Box 62253
Colorado Springs, CO 80962

To be honest, when I received this DVD, I thought, "Oh great, what is this?" I am not a fan of books or seminars that try to teach parents how to parent. It sometimes seems that purity is just another source of fad teaching, and I was hoping this DVD was not that. I'm happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed Julie Hiramine's down-to-earth approach and her humor as well as the content of her presentation.

The DVD contains two separate parts. The first part is an 11-minute video describing the well-balanced selection of resources available through the Generations of Virtue website. There are resources for boys, girls, fathers, and mothers, and Julie goes into detail about them and how to apply them to your teaching. She also describes the different seminars presented by Generations of Virtue and the special workshops they have for parents.

The second part is a live seminar that Julie presented to an audience of parents. Included with the DVD is a coordinating question sheet for use with older children or adults. Julie opened the seminar with this directive about Generations of Virtue: "We equip parents to empower their kids for purity in our world today." She had no problem living up to that statement. In her presentation, she exposes the lies our culture presents to children. She explodes the dating myth and explains how dating affects the hearts and spirits of our children. She presents the effects of the sexuality in today's media and how we must guard our children at every age from these effects.

I love Julie's approach to teaching purity. It is not a dry approach, but an interactive one. She admonishes parents to be discerning Gatekeepers in their children's lives and to teach purity and modesty daily as they walk and talk with their children. Society focuses on academics, but God wants us to have a vision for our children's character.

This DVD is a great resource for parents of children at any age. It is broken down into age groups and the different stages of understanding, making it easy to apply the lessons when your children are very young. Her presentation of how to use the book The Princess and the Kiss with young children was a great example of their philosophy.

I wholeheartedly agree with the idea of starting early with these concepts. But don't be dismayed if your children are already beyond their elementary years. It is never too late! This resource gives insights on how parents, both dad and mom, can shape their teen's understanding of modesty and purity. Julie is honest and open about the topic of romantic love and its place in our lives as God's people. She is also very candid about the pressures confronting our children as they mature and face their own sexuality. She discusses how we can combat those pressures and encourage our young adults to keep their hearts for the Lord.

The Hiramine family is a homeschool family, but this video is not exclusively for homeschoolers. It is for any parent who is concerned about purity and family values. This video would be great for teaching older children how to help in training younger children or for preparing them to be parents themselves. It would also be a wonderful resource for parents to view and discuss in a group setting. The DVD is quite balanced, but it is definitely on the conservative side. It may offend some who are looking for a more middle-of-the-road approach. I believe Setting a Paradigm for Purity would be a great addition to any home or church resource library.

Product review by Jacque Dixon, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March 2008