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Meet the Sight Words DVD Review by Lisa Barthuly

Kathy Oxley
Preschool Prep Company
PO Box 1159
Danville, CA 94526

Meet the Sight Words is a DVD for teaching young children over 20 sight words in a fun, easy format. Sight words, those that don't follow the basic decoding rules, are simply learned and memorized with this engaging format.

This DVD is an animated teaching tool, not a cartoon show. I'll liken it to freshly squeezed juice for a child vs. KoolAid! I am extremely picky about what my children view on any screen, and Meet the Sight Words passed with flying colors (no pun intended).

When each word is first introduced, the word starts out in black and white, as it would be viewed in print. The word then transforms into colorful block letters, then to a character. The character then transforms back to the colorful block letters, then back to black and white. In the second scene, the black and white sight word becomes an animated character. For example, the word "my" turns into a little whale that swims around the screen and then transforms back into the sight word. This gives the child visual and auditory clues to connect the word and its meaning. In the third scene, all the sight words are used in a Storybook. This helps the child not only identify single sight words but also recognize them in full sentences!

Meet the Sight Words is a colorful, bright, fun DVD that uses a gentle, quiet style, which I love! Preschool Prep Company has won literally tons of awards with this series, which also includes Meet the Letters and Meet the Numbers. We would highly recommend them!

Product review by Lisa Barthuly, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March 2008