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Card Golf Game Review by Christy Sensenig

Card Golf
3131 Haidas Avenue
San Diego, CA 92117

I was very excited to receive the Card Golf game to review, especially since I have several golf lovers in my family. I couldn't wait to try the card game and see how it compared to the actual game of golf. The card game imitates the physical game of golf. The rules, clubs, and even the courses are created to imitate the real thing! It includes 54 cards for a two-person game of golf. If there are four players, you will need two decks of cards. Included are a few sample scorecards, but others can be downloaded from their website. The scorecards located on the website are from 72 actual United States and international golf courses.

To begin play, choose a scorecard and randomly deal 14 cards to each player. Players combine club card yardage in their hand to match or exceed the yardage of each hole on the scorecard. It is a perfect game for practicing math and problem-solving skills. Your child will need to be able to add large numbers quickly to be able to participate in this game. Younger children could play this game but would need someone to help them count the larger numbers.

This game is awesome! It is especially appealing to those who are golfers themselves, but even if you have never played the actual game of golf, you will be able to catch on quickly. It may even motivate you to pick up a few clubs this summer and try a new sport! My family loved this game. I especially liked the linking of other skills, such as addition, mental math, problem solving, and playing together as a team. The only negative thing I have to say about this game is the requirement to purchase another deck of cards if there are more than two players that want to play a round of golf. But at $8.95 per deck, that is not a huge loss.

I would most certainly recommend buying this game. We have enjoyed it over and over again, and I'm sure you will too!

Product review by Christy Sensenig, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April 2006