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The Complete Zoo Adventure Review by Heidi Strawser

By Mary and Gary Parker
Master Books, Inc.
PO Box 726
Green Forest, AR 72638

Does your family love the zoo? Mine does! When planning vacations, we often look for a local zoo to visit. We have been to many different zoos in our travels, and though the themes and displays may be different, the animals are much the same. So how do you make a zoo trip special?

May I suggest The Complete Zoo Adventure: A Field Trip in a Book. This book contains everything you need to turn a trip to the zoo into an exciting and unforgettable adventure. And guess what else? The Complete Zoo Adventure is written from an evolution-free, God-honoring perspective! I've never seen another book quite like this one.

The book itself is divided into tabbed sections. The first section ("Before the Zoo") consists of seven devotionals--a whole week's worth--to do before your trip. These Scripture-based devotionals contain a prayer and give you lots to think about and look forward to. The second section, entitled "At the Zoo," is divided into five smaller sections (Birds, Paws & Claws, Hooves, Reptiles, and Amphibians). These sections give detailed descriptions of 27 common zoo animals, along with beautiful illustrations in vibrant color and an explanation of how each animal fits into God's perfect plan. The section for "After the Zoo" contains 34 activity sheets that can be copied for reviewing, testing, and reliving the adventure. The activities range in difficulty from very simple (preschool, early elementary) to advanced (requiring thought and further research). The Appendix contains a glossary of zoo-related terms, an index, and a reproducible Field Journal.

Sounds great, right? But it doesn't stop there! A packet in the back of the book holds the "Tool Kit," which contains 3 Field Journals (on heavy paper), 12 name badges (great for a zoo field trip with a group), 7 biome cards (full-color cards describing animal life in the grasslands, rainforest, evergreen forest, deciduous forest, chaparral, desert, and tundra), and 27 Field Fact Cards (smaller question and answer cards).

I am amazed that all of this is packed into one resource for only $16.99! This would be a super addition to any home library (not just for homeschoolers). It is the type of book that you will pull off the shelf and refer to over and over again. And your zoo experience will never be the same.

Product review by Heidi Strawser, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February 2008