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Character Building for Families Review by Anissa DeGrasse

By: Lee Ann Rubsam
Full Gospel Family Publications

This review is for Character Building for Families Volumes I & II. Each volume is a spiral bound topical unit study and covers obedience, orderliness, diligence, loyalty, deference, cheerfulness (joy), gentleness (kindness), contentment, gratitude, truthfulness, service, and service-hospitality. Volume II covers 5 qualities: stewardship, teachableness, mercy, patience, and desire for Jesus. The author originally wrote these books for her own homeschool family because she felt the character training she had been doing was not enough.

The lessons are designed to be lead by Mom, Dad, or both and are fully scripted. The character quality studies are broken down into daily exercises and require 20-30 minutes per day. Each character quality can take anywhere from two weeks or more to complete. The character qualities do not have to be done in any order, so focusing on a particular quality is easy. The only other material you will need is a Bible, any translation will do. These books are an invaluable and affordable resource, costing less than $15 per book.

I found that with each lesson, no preparation is required which made it easy to fit into our busy day. I opened the book and started reading. My children loved that there are no tedious worksheets to fill out. The books are simple and have everything you need to 'grow' character in not only your children, but yourself as well. The Bible verses in each lesson open up discussion about the character quality and open the door for you to share your own experience. The best part is how the lessons are laid out and the books were so easy to use. Any family can use these materials and be thankful for the results after doing the studies. Doing these studies together as a family will 'build' better people and bring your family closer.

Be sure to take a look at their website: You will find sample lessons and other invaluable homeschooling and Christian information. Their site is easy to navigate and very 'easy on the eyes'.

-- Product Review by: Anissa DeGrasse, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine


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