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Off We Go Series Review by Jennifer Barker

Avril Webster
Speechmark Publishing, Ltd.
70 Alston Drive
Bradwell Abbey
Milton Keynes, MK13 9HG
United Kingdom
+44 1908 326 944

The "Off We Go" series is written for ages 3-7. Although it is applicable to all children, it is especially helpful for those who have learning disabilities and who benefit from step-by-step instructions. There are 12 steps in each book with colorful illustrations demonstrating each step. Each book takes the child through an event that might take place in his/her day.

These books can be used as storybooks or can be integrated into the child's daily activities. They serve as an educational tool for a future event and can accompany those events to demonstrate the details involved in that particular activity.

Following is a brief synopsis of each book. I have not included all 12 steps in the descriptions.

Going to the Supermarket
Make a list
Park the car
Get a trolley
Go through the big doors

Going to the Doctor
Greet the receptionist
Read while we wait in the reception room
Greet the doctor
Sit on the couch and talk to the doctor

Going Swimming
Get swimming bag ready
Greet everyone at the pool
Go to the bathroom
Get undressed and put on swimsuit

Going to a Restaurant
Arrive at the entrance
Waitress takes us to the table
Sit down
Look at the menu

Going to the Dentist
Arrive at the dentist's office
Speak to the receptionist
Wait in the waiting room
Greet the dentist

Going to the Hairdresser
Arrive at the hairdresser
Greet the receptionist
Wait in the waiting area
Hairdresser puts on a cape and washes hair

I would like to reiterate that even though this set is geared for children with learning disabilities, all children will enjoy them.

Product review by Jennifer Barker, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2008