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Exploring Religious Art with Discussion Guide Review by Tina Rice

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Bob Jones University

Exploring Religious Art is a DVD and discussion guide on ten pieces of religious art. Everything needed to view the DVD is included. The discussion guide includes enrichment activities to go along with each segment. If an enrichment activity includes producing a "reproduction" students will need art supplies.

Just pop the DVD into your DVD player or computer and you can watch each segment individually or use the “play all” feature. Each segment is approximately 3 minutes long. BJU Press recommends Exploring Religious Art for 6th grade, but I found it to be suitable for K through 10th grade students.

Exploring Religious Art is not a complete art appreciation course, but a supplement to your art curriculum. You can even use it alone without any art curriculum.

We viewed Exploring Religious Art in one sitting and then went back to do individual enrichment activities. My 14-year-old enjoyed the selected pieces but not the enrichment activities. She felt they were too forced. She also found the voice that read Scripture for each piece to be very irritating. My 6-year-old liked both aspects of the program, but he too felt that the Scripture reading was in a very monotone and irritating voice.

Overall, we enjoyed Exploring Religious Art. I think that they narrator was interesting and informative. I agree with my children that the Scripture reader's voice was annoying. I would suggest that if BJU Press revises this DVD they use another person to read Scripture. The voice will not prevent us from using this DVD again, but it will give us something to comment on each time we watch it!

I would recommend Exploring Religious Art to anyone looking for a quick and inexpensive study of religious art. The pieces selected are fantastic, and the commentary is very interesting.

Product review by Tina Rice, Contributing Writer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2008