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Sex, Lies, and the Media: What Your Kids Know and Aren't Telling You Review by Tina Rice

Eva Marie Everson and Jessica Everson
Cook Communications Ministries
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Sex, Lies, and the Media (SLM) is a riveting read that I had to rip myself away from in order to concentrate on daily life (you know--teaching, cooking, cleaning, sleeping). The mother-daughter authors leave no stone unturned. SLM features interviews with teens and adults from across the country to expose the spiritual attack on the youth of today. This spiritual attack is sex. The authors have written a book to help parents navigate their way through the sexual bombardment coming from television, newspapers, magazines, the radio, movies, and music. Advertisers know that sex sells, and our children are their targets.

SLM contains seven chapters, appendices with parent and teen interviews, notes, Web sources, and a reader's guide. Chapters include "The History of Sex," "Movies, Sex, and Your Children," "Magazines, Sex, and your Children," and "Hope and Help for Parents."

I thoroughly enjoyed SLM. I would definitely have bought this book if I did not receive a review copy. In fact, since it is such an important book for parents, I plan to give copies to my friends! If you have teens or pre-teens or if you work with these ages, you should read this book. I urge you to become aware of the sexual marketing to our children and become a wary gatekeeper of what they see and hear.

Product review by Tina Rice, Contributing Writer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2008