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A Winner by Any Standard: A Personal Growth Journey for Every American Teen Review by Anissa DeGrasse

By: Rob Garofalo, Jr.
Teen Winners Publishing
19 Quail Run
Berlin, CT 06039

This book is an amazing tool for character growth in teens and young adults! It is written in a way that makes them want to improve themselves. The book is a 52-week devotional and each chapter is to be read at the beginning of the week and put into action during the week. The topics covered are: Avoiding Gossip, Being Less Judgmental, Becoming a Leader, Building Self-Esteem, Respecting Your Money, just to name a few. Each topic is something that every teen will face in sometime in their lives. The chapters begin with several famous quotes that relate to that issue.

For example, in week 6 the chapter is "Living With Perspective". One of the quotes for that chapter is "I complained because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet." Arabic Proverb. In this chapter the reader is challenged to look for the little things in life that we sometimes miss. Mr. Garofalo puts into perspective how problems and setbacks are a part of life but how we deal with and view those issues is key to overcome the problem!

At the end of each chapter, there is a "Life Application" section. This gives the reader steps to incorporate the character quality into their lives. This is an important step because we can read about the qualities but not know how to incorporate them into our character. This step allows the reader to see how these issues relate to them.

This book is a refreshing sight in an imperfect world. I would highly recommend it to all teens. Sometimes as parents we don't know how to communicate these messages to our children and Mr. Garofalo had done it in a way that makes them want to listen!

On the Teen Winners website, you will find a biography about the author, testimonials from those who have put the traits into practice, a free printable "12 Week Student Winning Ways" worksheet and you will also find how to order the book A Winner by Any Standard.

--Product Review by: Anissa DeGrasse, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine