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Fun in the Yellow Pages Review by Nancy Wagner

By Bobbi Groover
Ryrich Publications

This book is just plain fun to read. Pierson's parents have decided the family needs a big change in their lives for a while, so they head off to the mountains of Pennsylvania. Not only does this drastically upset Pierson's plans for the summer, but they won't have TV and who knows what else. The worst thing, however, is that his cousin Will, an abused teen and overgrown bully, is coming along for the summer.

The plot is pretty good with, from my viewpoint as an adult, a slightly predictable ending. There isn't any big mystery or murders or excitement (except for a runaway horse), but it still keeps the reader's attention. The language is stronger in interactions between the two cousins in the beginning, but no swear words are used at any time. The book is full of Christian principles, although no references to God or church are used.

There are no gory details of the abuse and definitely no sexual content. The story is actually about the transformation of Will into an okay human being as told from Pierson's viewpoint. Pierson, while frustrated at his cousin's behavior toward him, remains respectful, polite, and obedient to his parents. His parents are caring, smart individuals who brought along Will for just such a chance at "redeeming" him, yet knowing it would be a difficult summer for all. This book would be good for ages 9-12. It could be used as supplemental reading for character development or just for fun. This is a good book.

Product review by Nancy Wagner, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December 2007