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Runt the Hunted Review by Melanie Bunnett

By Daniel Schwabauer
Clear Water Press
PO Box 62
Olathe, Kansas 66051

Who doesn't love a story about an underdog? This series of fictional tales takes the basic tenets of the well-known stories surrounding David of the Bible and rewrites them in a way that is interesting to today's young adults. The author has taken human characteristics and applied them to animals (rats and mice in particular), giving an added facet of interest to well-known Biblical principles.

Runt the Hunted is a sequel to an equally engaging book by the same author entitled Runt the Brave. The series will eventually comprise five titles.

In this second book we are able to continue the adventures of JaRed ("Runt"), son of ReDemec, a mouse who is determined to make a difference. His underground city home is about to be destroyed by his foes, led by the rat warrior Kreeg, and he has been exiled by the city's king. His friends have been ordered to kill him on sight. This intriguing tale details his struggles in a way that is entertaining yet able to teach biblical principles.

My oldest son enjoyed reading both Runt the Brave and Runt the Hunted and has highly recommended them to friends. Now that he has finished this second book, we will pass them along to his sister, knowing that she will enjoy them as well.

I am always on the watch for quality, entertaining literature that I can share with my children without concern for the message they might come away with. This series fits those qualifications, and we will definitely be watching for the next three books in the series.

Product review by Melanie Bunnett, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November 2007