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Sculpey Sampler Kit Review by Debra Cogburn


Crazy about clay! That describes my kids perfectly! We received our Sculpey Sampler Kit and less than 24 hours later, they had made over 30 beautiful items with plenty of clay left over. We also received several wonderful molds to use. The molds are made of a durable, flexible rubber that made the finished, molded clay easy to remove. The molds come in many different themes, such as My Sports, which my son loved! You can make a baseball glove, baseball, baseball bat, football, helmet, and many other sports items. My daughter used a mold to make farm items and also made many animals by hand. The clay itself comes in single-color blocks, kits with many different colors, theme kits, and even kits that include a mold with the clay. There are also many types of clay. We used the basic clay, but you can also get Eraser clay to make your own homemade erasers, Super Flex clay that will bend even after baking, Glow in the Dark clay, and several others. There are many awesome colors, too, and the clay retains its color beautifully after baking. The clay is soft and easy to work with, but sometimes the darker colors will come off on your hands as you're working with it. Just keep a wet wipe handy and clean your hands between colors. Once your items are baked, they are durable and can be painted. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. Since the clay must be baked, your supervision is needed to prevent burns. The company was wonderful to work with and sent me a lot of great brochures and information. Contact them at We, at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine can truly say, "We love Sculpey!"

-- Product Review by: Debra Cogburn, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine