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Basic Primary and Regular-Lined Notebooking Pages Review by Cindy West

Debra Fogelbac
PO Box 260044
St. Louis, MO 63126

Does your family like to notebook? Do you encourage your children to write what they've learned during a lesson? Do you assign copywork? Do your children write stories or letters? Do you encourage your children to keep a nature journal, or maybe a prayer journal? You've probably answered "yes" to at least one of the questions. If you have, I don't think you will regret owning your very own copy of Basic Primary and Regular-Lined Notebooking Pages.

Basic Primary and Regular-Lined Notebooking Pages is a computer disk full of 225 "generic" notebooking pages. Though I used the word "generic," I certainly don't mean that the pages aren't wonderful! What I do mean is that the pages can be used for a variety of purposes in a variety of subjects.

The CD contains three sets of Adobe files. The first set includes 100 black and white notebooking pages with primary writing lines (large writing spaces with a dashed line going through the middle.) The second set contains the same 100 notebooking pages, but with plain lines for older children. And, finally, the third set includes 25 full-color borders with no lines.

The possibilities for using these pages really are endless. Whether you choose a flower-bordered page with lots of writing lines or an insect-inspired one with just a few writing lines, the choice is yours. If you are studying an important historical person, maybe you'll want to use the biography notebooking page. You might choose to copy the one with the capitol on it for your study of Washington D.C. One-hundred different pages that can each be used in many different ways equals notebooking bliss!

The black and white pages come in various styles and designs. Some have pictures, some have borders and some have both. There are very pretty designs and, yet, the pages should appeal to both girls and boys. Most pages are vertical, but a few are horizontal. They look nice in black and white, but coloring could add even more interest if your child desires. Since the 25 color borders are unlined, they would be perfect for drawings, invitations, title pages, notebook covers, and more. Again, they come in a variety of themes, some of which include borders for baseball, music, birthdays, and sewing.

The author has given permission for the purchaser of a CD to make enough copies for his or her own family or a single classroom. Co-op teachers, are your wheels spinning?

Obviously, with so many options for using these pages, they would work with any curriculum style (Charlotte Mason, Classical, Unit Study, etc.) and with most learning styles. I found that using the pages even inspired my reluctant writer! Not to mention, our notebooks look so much nicer with these pages rather than regular notebook paper.

I also like that I can just pop my CD in to the computer, find what I need, and print it. I do enjoy having a book in my hand to browse through, but the printed product is so much nicer from a CD than a book. It takes up a lot less space, too. In fact, if you'd like to take up even less space, the author has a downloadable version of the program that you store in your computer.

I believe this product is well worth the money. If you enjoy notebooking, you can't go wrong with these pages.

Product review by Cindy West, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October 2007