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The Mystery of History Volume II Review by Dawn King

Linda Lacour Hobar
Bright Ideas Press
PO Box 333
Cheswold, DE 19936

This time, Linda Hobar and Bright Ideas Press had twins! The Mystery of History Volume II is twice the size of the first volume, but every bit as wonderful. In fact, it is even better. The Mystery of History Volume II has 84 lessons, versus Volume I's 108, but the lessons are longer and written at a slightly higher grade level. Each lesson has vocabulary words in bold letters so you can pick them out easily.

Let me describe the components of The Mystery of History curriculum for those of you not familiar with the series.

Each book is divided into quarters, which start out with a summary to introduce the time period and the lessons to come. Quarters are further divided into weeks with three lessons per week. To whet you and your students' appetites for the upcoming topics, there are pretests to see what you already know.

Every lesson has a list of corresponding activities broken down by age groups. Volume II has more activities to choose from than Volume I.

At the end of a week's study, you take time out to review by making memory cards for the lessons and do timeline and mapping work. The book includes detailed instructions for making a "Wall of Time" to use for your timeline. It is an ingenious idea. In order to complete the SomeWHERE in Time (mapping) activities, you'll need a historical atlas.

On alternating weeks there is either an exercise or a quiz to complete. Because these are cumulative in nature, they help your students retain what they learned earlier in the year.

After you have completed a quarter or a semester, there are quarterly worksheets or semester tests to examine what your students know.

Although The Mystery of History Volume II is all you need to study the early church and the Middle Ages, there is a list in the back of supplemental books to enrich your studies. Also included are maps needed for map work, activity supplements and patterns, and a list of supplies needed for each week's activities.

All in all The Mystery of History Volume II is a thoroughly Christ-centered history curriculum for grades 4 through 8. It can be adjusted lower for your younger students and adapted for your high schoolers.

-Product Review by Dawn King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, 2006